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Standard accounts

Standard bank accounts are sometimes known as current accounts and provide many useful services. You can have your salary paid directly into a Standard Account; settle bills or set up direct debits. These accounts usually provide a debit card which allows you to make cash withdrawals and to pay for items.

Packaged accounts

Packaged accounts are aimed at customers looking for a more personalised banking service than is available with a standard account. Additional extras such as travel insurance, mobile phone insurance, breakdown cover and cashback are usually available. However, there are often monthly or annual fees associated with this type of account.

Student accounts

These types of accounts are aimed at those studying at university or college. Many of the product features are geared towards the needs of students, such as interest-free overdrafts. The main banks also have advisers who are specially trained to deal with the problems and issues students often face when they’re managing their finances for the first time.

Graduate accounts

Graduate accounts are specifically designed for graduates usually offering special introductory offers such as 0% overdraft fees for up to three years. These accounts typically offer free day to day banking as well as online and mobile access and allow access to additional preferential products such as personal loans.

Basic accounts

Basic bank accounts are available to anyone – you don’t have to be on the electoral role to qualify. They tend to suit people who are unable to qualify for a standard account, perhaps because they have a low credit score or have only recently moved to the UK.

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Your results are sorted by the interest rate AER     paid on credit balances held in the account from high to low. Interest rates displayed are based on a credit balance of £1000 being held in the account. This will show you the accounts that are likely to earn you the most interest from first; However, please remember you may have to satisfy certain requirements to get the rates of interest listed.

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